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    1775 - 1775

    Carton Bros. was founded in 1775 when they commenced trading in the Dublin Markets.

  • 1807 - 1807

    In 1807 they officially received their Poulters Licence setting them on a journey that would span many generations to come.

  • The Famine - The Great Irish Famine

    Throughout The Great Irish Famine, Carton Bros. generously supplied the Dublin City area with fresh water from clean wells from their large farm out in Poppentree, Dublin 11, where Ikea sits today.

  • Free range Chicken | Manor Farm free range Irish Chicken

    1910 - 1910

    Carton Bros. set up on Halston Street. Housewives all over Ireland would send their chickens to them by rail knowing with confidence that they would receive their payment from the ever trustworthy Carton Bros.

  • Manor farm Irish Chicken

    1938 - 1938

    On the back of the great success of Halston Street, the Manor Farm brand was born in 1938.

  • 1956 - 1956

    Chicken as we know it today was introduced to Ireland by Manor Farm in 1956, with the concept of the ‘Spring Chicken’ being available all year round.

  • Manor Farm Chicken Farmers Ireland

    1968 - 1968

    In 1968 the hatchery in Carrickmacross, Co.Monaghan was built, followed quickly by an investment in a state-of-the-art production site at Shercock, Co.Cavan

  • Manor Farm Chicken Farmers Ireland

    1976 - 1976

    Irelands only dedicated poultry feed mill was established, achieving complete integration for Manor Farm.

  • Manor Farm Chicken Farmers Ireland

    Today - Today

    Consistent within Manor Farm at all times is a dedication to quality and the production of unique and very tasty chicken products from the best chicken that we produce ourselves. Manor Farm now has over 800 employees, and employ over 170 farmers.